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Trenchless Sewerline Replacement

Until recently, sewer and drain replacement meant major excavation and removal of lawns, trees, concrete surfaces, driveways, parking lots and other valuable structures. Not anymore!

How Do We Do It?

We replace sewer and drain lines using our patented Pipe Pull™ method of Trenchless Pipe Replacement. The Pipe Pull™ technique does not require any major excavating or the disruptive damage of old fashioned “dig it up” methods.

The Pipe Pull™ method avoids the expensive replacement costs of landscaping, driveway and parking lot surfaces, not to mention interruptions to your business or other operations that can make even a small project become an expensive nightmare.

Greatly Reduced Costs

  • No major excavating
  • Preserve your beautiful trees, shrubs, lawns and other landscaping items
  • No moving of stationary equipment
  • No damage to concrete floors, driveways, parking lots, patios, buildings, etc.
  • Less disruptive to businesses or other operations

This job was done for the Kern Schools Federal Credit Union on Ming Ave.