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Are You Exercising Your Valves

ValvesThink you’re the only one in need of exercise? Well think again. The truth is that the valves in your home need it too. Think about it for a moment, the valves in your home sit there day after day rarely moving. They are fed by the water lines in your home, a little extra sediment here and there and the next thing you know old “Mr Gate Valve” couldn’t turn over if he tried. What does this mean to you?

Here’s the deal, if your gate valve will not close all the way then water will continue to leak through, even though you think it’s closed. Now, this can cause some problems during times of maintenance or while replacing your water heater. But here’s the scary part, Imagine what it means to your home during a time of emergency such as a ruptured pipe or a leak!  Then what?  How much damage could be caused to your home or business?

Good News is that there are steps you can take to prevent such a disaster. The first is knowing where the valves in your home or business are located. You may be familiar with the valves such as those under the sink or toilet. These are called stop valves or emergency shut-off valves; these too can be prone to leaking. But the good news is that by using a wrench to tighten the packing nut below the handle, this will often solve the problem. Just be sure not to over tighten!

But what about your other valves? Where does the infamous “Mr Gate Valve” reside? Here’s where to look for this “sedimentary” creature. Look to your top right or left of your water heater for the valve to this appliance. Another place to find ‘Mr Gate Valve” is on the exterior, which will be your main shut-off to your home. It is located on of the exterior walls of your home & may be hidden from view by bushes so you may need to look for it.

Here’s the cold hard truth, a little exercise for “Mr Gate Valve” can go along way in preventing disaster to your home or business. Be honest with yourself about the kind of valves your dealing with. Have a licensed plumber inspect your valves for any problems. If it makes sense to replace a valve, consider using a ball valve. It can save you from alot of worry and rarely needs any exercise. Knowing what to do before an emergency happens can save you thousands of dollars. Find out how to protect your home or business with sound advice from a licensed plumber. When you’re uncertain about what to do, call Advanced Plumbing, your local plumbing professional.