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Drain Cleaning- What you should know!

Over the years I have found that most people are under the impression that once a drain stoppage is cleared that the problem magically goes away, IT DOESN’T! A good, well trained, Advanced Plumbing plumber knows that. So, here’s a scenario for you….

Your at home one afternoon making a light lunch and turn on the garbage disposal to get rid of what refuse is in it when all of a sudden the drain line backs up and now your in a panic as you have company arriving later that night. So, you call the plumber and wait for him to get there and when he arrives you explain the situation. He puts a snake down the drain and presto all of your problems are solved. Drain is cleared! The plumber collects his check for the services rendered, your happy and he’s happy.

But, what you really don’t understand is that the actual cause of the stoppage is still lurking in your drainage system. It’s called sludge and grease, most people say they don’t pour grease down the drain and that is true, yet all of the lotions and soaps we use contain a petroleum product in them hence the grease in the drain. Years ago I learned a term for this, it’s called “Atherosclerosis” (a medical term) which is basically a hardening of the arteries. This can be found to be occurring in your drain lines as well.

There are a couple of different measures you can take that will aid in eradicating this nasty stuff in your drain. The first would be a Bio Degradable chemical which is not harmful to the drain  (any caustic chemical is harmful such as drain-o) and is a monthly treatment you apply to infected drains before going to bed at night. This would cost you about $2 dollars per application and help keep the plumber at bay, every Advanced Plumbing plumber has at least two bottles on his truck. The second choice would be the quickest way of eradicating the sludge and grease build up from your drain lines, a hydro jetter. This would be like pressure washing your sidewalk to get it clean, only you would be doing the same to the walls of the pipe(s) beneath your home. Either way, one or the other of these solutions will make the problem of a stoppage go away, instead of just clearing the stoppage.

Nothing goes away forever yet we can take the proper measures to help keep it from happening as often as it does. I personally have used both methods when I was a plumber in the field and know that it does help a person feel more at ease knowing that their plumbing system is operating at it’s peak. This will allow you to do what you like to do Best, Get back to Enjoying Your Life!