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Water Heater Care

Anode rods before and afterIf someone were to asked you:  “If you could extend the life of your water heater, would you?”  What would your response be? The average water heater these days only lasts approximately 10 – 12 years! In my opinion, it is because no one had ever explained that there was maintenance that could help prolong the life. Hence this short article.

Recently I pulled the anode rod (Sacrificial lamb) from a unit that was brought into our yard which was only 7 years old. Here is what I found. In the picture I have displayed to the right it shows both the old and new anode rods.

The water heaters that we have in our homes are an important necessity that gets over looked until we are no longer comforted by the hot water it produces.There are ways to extend the life of your water heater.

Would you like to Save your water heaters life? Here are two ways we can do it!

  1. You should replace this Sacrificial Lamb every 3 – 5 years
  2. Drain and Flush the unit at least once a year, twice a year wouldn’t hurt.

Should you need the assistance of a plumber we are always available, contact us today for diagnostic of your water heater or you can always contact your local plumber.