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Giving Back

givingbackWe all know someone who is down on their luck; maybe due to an illness, a death in the family, job loss and the recent changes in the economy. We have been affected by this in one way or another; some may have felt it harder than others. Which is why, at this time, we would like to try and give back to the community that has been so wonderful to us for so many years.

Last month, I met a wonderful person whom gave back in probably the most generous way. Mrs. Phillips had adopted 3 children with disabilities.

We were so grateful to have met someone so kind in our community that we decided to do some plumbing repairs at her house at no charge. One of the repairs was installing a new toilet. When you get the chance, give back to a total stranger.

That guy,
Jim Hinesley

The brothers with Princess Bethany and her new throne.


Thank you so much for Princess Bethany’s new throne. You have no idea how much we appreciate all the hard work and financial sacrifice you made for us. No one has ever been so kind to us.

Thanks again,
The Phillips Family”