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Does my shower leak?


It seems like one of the most common calls Advanced Plumbing receives is water damage caused by a leaking shower. Most showers have either a  rubber pan or one made of tar and roofing material that over the years can fail and cause a leak.


Don't let a small leak cause major damage.

Don't let a small leak cause major damage.

Here’s what you can do to test for shower pan leaks:

  • Put a rag or a stopper in the drain and fill up the shower until it is just about to overflow. Check the walls on all four sides for up to 24 hours for water. But be careful, if it is a bad leak it will show up quickly and you will need to drain the shower. If it needs to be repaired or replaced, just gives us a call.
  • Adjust shower head so that water sprays on the doors. Check for leaks, sometimes you just need a simple door replacement or adjustment.
  • Note: Always do one test at a time to be sure of the cause. If your shower still leaks, you may need to have the shower valve tested.


When you’re thinking of “That Guy”, think of me,

Jim Hinesley

Do I need an Annual Service?

They say you should change the oil on your car every 90 days, rotate your tires every 10,000 miles, change your A/C filter every quarter, and so on… But what about the plumbing in your house? If it leaks, not only do you have to fix the leak, but repair any damage that it has caused. Why is it that we will perform maintenance service on a $30,000.00 car but not on a $300,000.00 home? It only takes about 30 minutes a year and can save you a lot of headaches to have your annual plumbing maintenance on your home. For example, here are a few things to check:

  • Fill up each sink with water and let it drain while checking under the sink. You are looking for any leaks or corrosion under the sink.
  • Tighten all the handles on your faucets before they strip and ruin the faucet.
  • Check or adjust you water levels on your toilets.
  • Check all of your sprinklers and make sure none of them are spraying on your house.

If you need help, call us and ask us about our free annual service that will check all of these items for you.

When You’re Looking for “That Guy,” think of me,

Jim Hinesley

“…and let the big red pipe wrench come to work for you!”

Whole House Re-pipe

If your home is twenty to thirty years old, you might be wise to consider whole house re-piping. One of the first things people notice in an older home is a gradual reduction in water pressure or the lack of volume in water they’re getting from the kitchen or bathroom faucets. Also, drastic changes in water temperature, especially hot water when someone flushes a toilet while another is taking a shower is caused by a deteriorating system. This is caused by a slow buildup of corrosion and debris inside galvanized piping.

Another issue causing the necessity of a re-pipe may be slow, yet constant leaks in one of the supply pipes in the wall behind the shower control. This can lead to rotting floor boards or framing under a bathtub. Imagine what could happen if this problem is left unchecked.

Sewer drain lines can crack in the wall allowing dangerous sewer gas (methane) to escape into the home which could result in an explosion.

Years of wear and tear on your homes plumbing system is difficult to detect by the average homeowner. But the problems caused by leaks, interior and exterior pipe corrosion or cracks can be financially devastating and far more costly than whole house re-piping. Re-piping your older home will increase your comfort, convenience and peace of mind as well as the resale value of your home.

Depending on the size of your home and the number of bathrooms whole house re-piping can take as little as 3-days and up to a week or more. Ninety nine percent of the time you do not have to leave your home while the re-piping is in progress.

Whole home re-piping is a serious project. It’s a job for the plumber who has the man-power, experience, training and equipment to do it right the first time. It’s a job for the plumber who will guarantee that the project will be finished on time; guarantee the workmanship for a period of 20 years, guarantee that the materials used are top quality and all work performed meets governing installation codes; We guarantee that you and your home will be treated with the highest respect: and guarantee not to leave your home until you are 100% satisfied.

Advanced Plumbing Service provides those guarantees and many more to you… in writing. It has been and always will be our way of doing business.

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